About The Leak Stoppers

The Leak Stoppers is a Delaware based company that provides leak remediation using the KEMKO Applicator. We are a Certified KEMKO Applicator and only one of roughly 60 in the country.


Repair cracks in concrete, masonry, wood, and steel structures. We also do grouting, sealing, and bonding.


High tensile strength bonds resist future damage overtime and strengthen the area where the leak began more than the areas around it.


40-year history of successful performance in tough environments. Usually withstanding better than the original structure.


Excellent adhesion in dry, wet, or underwater applications. KEMKO offers a broad range of high performance crack repair resins.

Ease of Application

Mixed and applied by The Leak Stoppers using a KEMKO Model B Injection pump.

No Down-Time

In most cases, structures can be open or occupied during repair as vibration doesn’t affect curing.

How It Works

The Leak Stoppers is a member of the KIP System, a network of over 60 certified crack injection and concrete repair specialists trained by ChemCo Systems using single source adhesive and application equipment developed by industry veterans.

The KIP method of injecting cracks down to .002 inches wide for their full depth generally uses a epoxy adhesive without additional labor time and costs of installing plastic ports. When the injected cures, it seals the crack entirely and also restores the concrete to its original monolithic integrity.

Injecting repairable cracks will:

  • Restore structural and/or design strength to the cracked concrete structure.
  • Eliminate concrete spalling initiated by cracking and aggravated by freeze thaw cycling.
  • Prevent corrosion of reinforcing steel and pre-stress tendons by encapsulating them against moisture.
  • Stop the leakage of water and fluids through concrete structures.
  • Repair concrete without the unsightly surface marks often caused by standard surface crack repairs.


  • Beams, Columns, and Precast Panels
  • Buildings, Floors, Walls, and Parking Decks
  • Bridges, Dams, Piers, and Pilings
  • Water Treatment Plants, Tunnels, and Pips
  • Tank Bottom Grouting
  • Highways and Airport Pavements
  • Elevated Slabs and Platforms


Interested in seeing what The Leak Stoppers can do for you? We’re experts in leak repair, foundation repair, roof repair, and more. Our unique system allows us to fix cracks in concrete and foundations without major repairs. Get in touch today!


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